Staying In Is The New Going Out: 4 Breweries Adapting During COVID-19

It’s no lie that Coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives, but it has also changed our consumer habits. Pubs and breweries have been forced to close their doors to punters, but is this the end of the road for some? In many cases, it has been the opposite.

Breweries are showcasing their adaptability during these make or break times with their creativity and resilience, showcasing house themed party beers, delivery services launched and special beers crafted in support of the NHS.

Breweries and microbreweries have never been so popular and the demand for craft beers has never been higher. I got into it when my dad started drinking them and I’ll hold my hands up, I thought it was for old men but boy oh boy was I wrong. I’ve noticed that so many people now share the love for the industry, support local breweries and love to try new things. It’s refreshing to see.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the industry has seriously stepped up its game to keep not only themselves afloat, but to keep our consumer habits topped up too.

So, which breweries are doing what?

TINY REBEL – “Make Beer, Sell Beer, Support The NHS”

The industry has been turned upside down and Tiny Rebel haven’t hidden their worries when it came to the future of the company but like many, they have shown that when push comes to shove they can come together and produce something great for people to enjoy at home and pay their gratitude forward to frontline staff.

They have gone above and beyond by donating hand sanitiser, made in beer bottles to NHS standards distributed face masks to help those who need them the most.

Tiny Rebel have also gone the extra mile to do what they do best. Make beer. Their new project was “Make Beer, Sell Beer, Support The NHS”. Creating two limited edition beers called “Stay Put” with every penny from the sales going to the NHS.

This initiative, by the Wales based microbrewery, raised £25,000 for the NHS in just four hours!

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Stay Put, Stay Safe, Stay Classy. When Covid-19 hit the UK we were worried about the future of Tiny Rebel, but thanks to all your amazing support and online orders we are now feeling safe and ready to pay the kindness forward. Alongside donating Tiny Rebel Hand Sanitiser and face masks to the most vulnerable in our community (more on this later) we wanted to help those on the front line. So many independent UK businesses have already shown their fighting spirit by making PPE or turning distilleries into hand sanitizer plants. We were looking at what we could turn our hand to and after a quick chat on the patio we thought we’ll do what we do best. Making Beers You Love. Project ‘Stay Put’ was the brainchild of Charles Arthur John Seddon, owner of a 65 plate Kia Rio, and is the first good idea he has had since starting last March. Project Stay Put is a simple one: Make beer, sell beer, support the NHS. We have created two limited edition Stay ‘Puts’ where we are going to donate every penny from their sale directly to the NHS. Stay Put – Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Porter 5.2% Stay Put – Raspberry Ripple Marshmallow Porter 5.2% Both are now available on our online shop. This project has been supported by some companies behind the scenes that you may not have seen before. Evol (Wales) Ltd Oasthouse Engineering Crown Packaging Berkshire Labels Hastings Freight We would like to thank everyone involved for their part in making Charlie’s dream a reality. Stay Put, Stay Safe, Stay Classy. Peace out.

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These times have also meant that the brewery have had to close their doors to planned and future tours for the time being, but this hasn’t stopped them from being able to give people what they want. Virtual beer tastings have been on the cards on social media, and who knows, this could be the next big thing?

In the words of Tiny Rebel…Stay Put, Stay Safe, Stay Classy.

NORTHERN MONK – House Crawl Party

Northern Monk have launched four house themed beers so you are able to drink in the comfort of your own home. In the four stop crawl you can expect to visit the shower, the kitchen, the sitting room and the last stop of the evening, the bedroom.

This clever thinking has shown its initiative and creativity in these tough times, helping people to make the most of their time at home and still be able to enjoy a drink as they would in their local.

Northern Monk have also pledged to donate money to the frontline NHS staff for every pack of Faith sold on their website. They also gave away 5,000 free cans to NHS and front line care workers, as a little gift to help them unwind.

Because in the current climate, we have to keep the faith!

What do you reckon the chances of my dad not drinking the house crawl party pack before I’m able to go and visit? You’re right, very unlikely. I’ll have to make do with him telling me about them and sending lots of pictures!

GREEN DUCK BREWERY – A First Time For Everything

The Green Duck Brewery in Stourbridge has shown its adaptability during times of crisis by delivering and allowing take out of their beers, as well as canning a batch of their blonde for the first time!

It’s admirable to see how in unforeseen circumstances how well small companies can think on their feet and keep their heads above water.

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Hey Folks! We don’t often post about what’s going on “behind the scenes”, but these are strange times, so we thought we’d keep you all in the loop and express our worries and gratitude. It’s a bit of a read, so sit down, and grab a beer! When the Government shut down came in, we were to say the least, unprepared. 100% of our business revolved around selling our beer in casks and kegs to pubs or through our own tap room. And suddenly, neither of them existed as a revenue stream for us anymore! Thankfully we hadn’t brewed in the week running up to lockdown, but we still had enough beer to keep our trade customers supplied for a couple of weeks in our cold store. That was lots of containers of beer with a limited shelf life, beer we couldn’t afford to throw away. Our first thoughts were we need to sell the beer we’ve got or we’re finished. We moved quickly, driving down to Bristol to pick up plastic containers to deliver fresh beer straight to you at home. Our design company ThinkCreative Studio-team got our webstore up and running in record time after we messed it up the first time out. Then you folks came along and started buying beer from us and we were just blown away by the support! This meant we’ve been able to keep paying our staff until Government money support hits our bank. The last 4 weeks have been a rollercoaster, the 3 of us have never worked such long and crazy hours. A core of our amazing staff team and volunteers and our families have helped us out (socially distanced of course), by delivering beer for us and to them we couldn’t be more grateful. They have been amazing. So now we’re at a point where we’ve sold most of our stock, so we’re brewing again this week! We honestly didn’t think this would be happening for a long time. The fresh beer delivery service with gin from Dr Eamers & food from Eat Cusine will be continuing for the foreseeable, with some new additions along the way we’re sure 😉 We’ve bought a small but perfectly formed bottling line to get our product out there as far as possible with future batches into cans as well. So keep your eyes on social media over the next couple

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DIG BREW – Party In The Fridge

Delivery? Glow in the dark sealed bottles? Ain’t no party like a Dig Brew Party, clearly!

Birmingham based Dig Brew has branched out, during these hard times, by offering delivery and bringing the beer to your doorstep. They have begun delivery on a local level but are soon going to be scaling up and delivering nationally.

I know, I was excited too, but my dad got there first! Unfortunately I don’t live at home so I’ve just been sent lots of pictures of beer, but still, I love the idea of it all!

This crisis has in turn brought many breweries and microbreweries into the current times through their adaptability and creativity. But is this the start of a new chapter for the industry? And for microbreweries to enter the big leagues?

Remember – please drink responsibly!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x

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